River Projects

The Boat

This project is so new we don’t even have a name for the boat yet! It is currently undergoing a full makeover and getting all the necessary licences and stuff like that! And we are even looking into whether we can electrify it. Watch this space for more details coming soon! 

Flood Defences

With the river level at the Old Bridge breaking records in Feb 2020 with a height of 6.11m, flooding is always a worry for us here at The Left Bank Village, so we are trying to develop new ideas for flood defences and having been working with pioneer NMITE students on this project. 

Old Bridge Illuminations

We already have a great array of lights that shine out over the river and we are working towards having a full laser light show at some point for Herefordians and tourists to enjoy! 

Solar Power!

We really want to make everything we do at The Left Bank Village as green as possible and are keen to partner up with other green organisations to help make this happen. Could we even run The Left Bank Village on solar power for example?